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crème de la crème is changing, and so is our blog

We’ve spent the past 3 years writing and sharing hundreds of articles. This blog has been part of crème de la crème’s strategy since the beginning, and with time it has become one of our best ways to reach new freelancers. It has been one of the main sources of inspiration for many freelancers in France and across Europe.

It’s no surprise.

Most of our content was written by freelancers from our community, without any sense of self-promotion. The idea was simple: share their knowledge and shine some light on their daily activities to spark interest in freelancing for others.

This blog had more than 250 articles, with an audience of approximately 45K monthly visitors, yet the average reading time for those articles was 3 minutes. That’s low.

Within our team we’ve always wanted to do more, to go even further to help our community of freelancers. But like most of you, time is our scarcest resource. When it comes to the blog, we wished we had had more time to dedicate to it.


“Fast-food” content is everywhere.

When we started writing articles with our community, featuring our members through our content, not many companies were following suit.

A few years back, starting a blog when you were a company really wasn’t a priority. However, on the other side of the Atlantic, our American neighbours jumped on the content bandwagon early on and it was at the centre of many companies’ long term strategy for both acquiring and retaining new customers.

Today, things have changed quite a lot. Everybody churns out blog content, some with more success than others.

In France and in the UK, barely any companies, media, or independent blogs produce regular valuable content.

Look for yourself. I personally find less than 30 outlets.

We’re all used to endless scrolling on our favourite apps, skimming through information. This behaviour is called FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. It means becoming anxious at the idea of missing something important. As the day goes by, we mindlessly click on clickbait-y articles. We think – quite wrongly – that some miracle content with all the answers lies ahead. It’s deceiving and you don’t find any valuable answers.

Today, the amount of bad content on the web is exponential. Used to immediacy and 24/7 news channels, many feed themselves only with current affairs news and Buzzfeed-like articles. There’s no substance to such articles because the only objective of these “publications” is to get eyeballs on their pages and monetise those eyeballs through advertising.

We want to put an end to this. We want to change. From now on, we will focus on quality, not quantity, be it for written or audio visual content.

Our blog is changing

Two months ago, we changed our positioning. Prestigious universities no longer have a monopoly on excellence. From now on, we’ll focus on the expertise and skills of the vetted freelancers in our community.

We’ve also refocused our efforts on three core competencies: Tech & Data, Marketing & Communication and Design & Product. These are competencies that large corporates are desperately seeking.

crème de la crème, blog, freelance, future of work

crème de la crème is now 3 years old. This new positioning is the right opportunity to let us change the content we want to share with you. Our objective is to increase the visibility of our articles and have an outlet to really showcase our incredible community of freelancers.

Less content, higher quality: improving our visibility. 

We’re convinced about the profound impact that content can have. But not just any kind of content. There’s no point in making noise for the sake of it. What matters is the value we can provide, be it in written form or audiovisual.


Good content, the kind we are eager to share with our friends, answers real questions. It’s personal, well-structured, in depth, and unique.

We want to shed showcase writers that focus on quality. And to that extent, the organisation of our blog has been completely overhauled. We wish to bring new knowledge, skills, and information to our community of freelancers, clients (and future clients).

Be valuable

There are more than 2M freelancers today in the UK and this number is predicted to rise. They are united by strong values: personal development, flexibility, and meaning.

Everybody now needs to be aware of this shifting trend in the workforce: companies, employees, and independents. The point is not to have an Uberised or precarious way of working. To those resistant to this change, there’s no point in gesticulating and protesting. Freelancing is already here. And the movement will continue to grow.

Our blog will give us a voice on topics that matter:

  • Future of Work: Help freelancers and companies understand the groundbreaking changes of the current workforce
  • Freelancing: Become a source of inspiration and knowledge for our freelancers
  • Community: Showcase the expertise of our freelancers
  • Behind the scenes: How we work at crème de la crème

As freelancers ourselves, we need to keep learning on a daily basis. The quest for knowledge has no end, be it the improvement of your specific expertise or simply how to manage your commercial activity. For this, the web remains the largest encyclopaedia in the world with countless articles, videos, podcasts, forums etc.

It then becomes difficult to sort everything out and distinguish between the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s also our role to help our community grow and show them how best to learn and improve.

This new blog provides a clear path towards our main objective:


Create the leading ecosystem of freelancers and companies, focused on excellence and community-spirit. 


We can’t do this alone. We’re already working with many freelancers from our community and outside experts on new content, and if you’d like to contribute, feel free to reach out to

See you soon,


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