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Freelance life has just been upgraded with crème de la crème

Being a freelancer has long been considered “the dream” way of living for many people.

You get to decide who you work with, where you work from, how long your hours are, go for a holiday without planning in advance and even work from a different country every month if you choose to. But a lot of aspects of this life are not as glamorous and are relatively unknown until you choose to tread the freelance path.

The main difficulty that arises from being the master of your own fate is having no company to provide you with a strong back. Crème de la crème is hoping to become that support system for us freelancers, by announcing a new membership package.

Working life includes a lot of tasks that may not have occurred to us, when we were full-time employees, as they are just a regular part of every day. Anything from having a regular desk to sit next to, a person to brainstorm about our project, an HR person to refer our financial and legal questions to, and a colleague to consult with.

As a freelancer, we are left to our own devices to try and figure out almost everything. Most clients will wash their hand off us as soon as the work is done, not to mention freelance platforms, that are just there to make money off us.

However, crème de la crème sees the value in freelancers and has decided to change the rules of the game by giving and not just taking. They see the value in freelancers and wish to provide us with a place where we can not only find work but also manage our work comfortably, from every angle.


One-stop-shop for a freelancer’s needs

freelance ecosystem, freelance life, freelance accountingLet’s actually start from the end. We all know that the bottom line of work is mainly money. However, every freelancer who joins crème de la crème is not joining a simple platform, we’re joining a community.

This community will be there to make sure that you will not only get paid at the end of the month but will have a place to turn to during that month. They’ve created an ecosystem for us, freelancers, containing anything we may need to manage our working lives, with the help of their various global and UK partners.

Working remotely, while very flexible and freeing, can also get very isolating, as I can personally attest. That’s why I love taking advantage of the free co-working days offered with TechHub and WorkClub, where you could meet freelancers from different companies and fields (as well the Crème team themselves), exchange ideas, network and socialise. They also provide a membership with IPSE, the largest association of self-employed, to further your connection to the community. They also have a Facebook group for us freelancers, where we can chat outside of working hours, and let off some steam.

On the admin side, they’ve partnered with Crunch to help us sort out our accounting the best way possible, and with TransferWise to make sure that our financial future is secure.

As crème de la crème is a French company, they know the importance of working with international clients and receiving low exchange rates while doing so. TransferWise can help our grow your work the effectively and easily.

While full-time employees get benefits such as car rental and in-house education, with crème you’ll get special offers with Zipcar to go around London to meet your potential clients.

And finally, a bespoke member card will provide additional discounts on other services such as legal aid, website hosting, IT and more. Being a freelancer basically means we’re running a small business and they want to help us in every way possible.


High-quality clients, as well as a high-quality platform

If we’re talking about business, we can’t leave out the money side, as it is the most important. The crème de la crème freelance website is an all-in-one place for locating your clients, communicating with them, invoicing and getting paid.

On the main dashboard, you can see new projects that are being published every day, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. You can choose to filter by discipline, location and more, and the best part – you decide your own price and send the quote. No need to mark yourself down, as we were chosen to be in this platform for a reason, our skills.

Once you start working with a client, everything is done through the website as well, sending materials, invoices, and receiving money too. So everything is secure and leaving you worry-free.


What’s in it for crème de la crème?

In most freelance platforms, all that is required is to fill out a profile with some work history, and most people get approved. Crème de la crème works differently and treats every sign-up as a job application. Every candidate is reviewed by their team very carefully, and they only accept a selected group of the best in each discipline, as to not create competition.

All of this allows them to cultivate a small team of A-players, which means that they also want to make sure we will get everything we need in one place.

This article was written by Tal Imagor. Tal is an experienced freelance journalist and editor covering art and culture topics such as film, music, television and tourism. She’s one of the most active freelancers within crème’s community.


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