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Crème de la crème teams up with Transferwise

When talking about being a freelancer, a lot of people pay much more attention to “free” part of the word, than anything else. The impression is that the freelance life is carefree, flexible, enjoyable. In reality, while us freelancers do get to make our own decisions and be our own bosses, this is just the thing, we are our own bosses.

We are, in fact, the owners of a small business, even if the only person employed is us. And as the sole employee, we have to take care of everything – marketing, admin, HR, and most importantly, finance.


If we don’t stay on top of our finances at all times, we may as well go back to a full-time position, because a part of being a freelancer is also making sure we make enough money to live on our own terms. An important element of securing your financial future is picking the best bank account for your small, one-person business. And Crème de la crème’s new partnership with Transferwise has just made it a much easier.


Think on a global scale

Once, in the “good ole days”, you had a 9 to 5 job, and you lived in the same town for most of your life. You spent nights at the pub, and weekends in the countryside. You made your salary in Pounds and didn’t need to think about exchange rates. But the economy is changing faster with every passing day, and the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Just as an example, in the past two years, I’ve worked with clients from Israel, the UK, the US, India and Australia. And I’ve worked with my laptop from Vienna, Tel Aviv and London at some points in time.


As a freelancer, you’ll probably be working with different type of currencies, transferred from various countries. It’s a major hustle trying to figure out a payment method that will serve each client and doesn’t kill you on fees and exchange rates along the way. Transferwise provides you with the perfect solution for that – a borderless account.


This can handle up to 4 currencies for free (USD, EUR, AUD and GBP), which will help you avoid receiving fees and poor currency conversion rates. This account can also hold and manage up to 40 currencies at a fair exchange rate, so no more using the exchange calculator every time you consider a new client. And it now comes with a debit card as well, so it’s a one-stop-shop for all your freelance needs.

Getting paid like a local

A big issue with being a digital nomad, or having clients spread all around the world (or both) is banks taking a big chunk of your payments. Bank transfers usually cost an arm and a leg when done between countries, so clients prefer to avoid them. And many platforms will charge you, the freelancer, a handling fee, so that’s a losing situation as well.


The great advantage Transferwise provides is helping us getting paid like locals, no matter where we are, or where the clients are. That’s why they call the bank account “borderless”. There are no hidden fees and in fact, it is up to 8 times cheaper than other banks for converting money as well.


Crème de la crème, having a community of talented freelancers from all over the world, knows this problem we face with payments all too well; The freelancer’s will to work with a new and exciting client from abroad, but the reluctant to do so, because of issues of handling payments that will be fair for both parties. That’s why it was important for them to go into this partnership with Transferwise. To offer us, the freelancers, an easy solution to accept all of the work we want from across the globe, and not compromise our rates and quality of work in the process.


Keeping it simple

Both Crème and Transferwise get that being a freelancer is hard work, so they try and make it as easy for us as possible. Crème de la crème will make sure that all of its freelancers have access to top of the line clients, with a simple platform, that allows for easy communication and invoicing. On the same line, Transferwise offers a short sign up process for their bank account, transparent pricing, a smart mobile app, and it works great with the Crème platform as well. And if you’re already a Crème member, you get to benefit from this great new partnership on top of their existing partners and can apply for a great deal with Transferwise here.

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